General informations about our company

Our wholesaler company was founded in 1989 with several decades of practice in external trades. By virtue of our bussiness philosophy the main points of our pursuit:
  • Competence
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
The aim of Elmatit Kft. is that to always make its bussiness activity accordingly to its customers needs on high level, which is an expectation from our suppliers also.

Our company is commited to quality development program guidelines, so we are making an effort with our regularized daily work to fulfill our customer’s highest expectations. Besides to keep the customers satisfaction on high level. The owners of Elmatit Kft. entered EN ISO 9001:2000 quality regulation system to realize our quality policy.

Our company has respect seeded for continouos developments and trainings and to be ethical, professional preparedness and groupwork. Our quality system roundabout our complete company. The owners force to comply with every single workers all regularized formulas, laws and state orders, and follow its guidelines to materialize the efficient work and reach customer satisfaction.

Our international suppliers are such world-wide known companies that its products are correspond to ISO 9001 regulation and at all-time represents the highest technological level. This extensive supplier background guarantees to represent the most modern leading goods with wide assortment to our partners. Toward to service our customers on the highest level, our company, uniquely between import wholesaler companies, gots the ISO 9001 qualification foremost.

We feel that the matter and meaning of our work is that our partners can trust behind them a high class prepared technical support, a problemsolver team, so they can be safe in case of any incoming problems or questions. The main important angle to chooes the imported base- and mate materials that we can present to our customers a kind of service-package.


In our wide, over 1000 m2 warehouse ensure by made by hand-and automatic trolleys fast and easy loading. Thanks to our permanent and high stock-the customers who are in contract with our company-we can service continouos and without stoppage on high level.


Corresponding to the epoch, our moder tape slitting machine and with the help of our well trained colleagues, we can slite any size of adhesive tapes (standard and non-standard sizes also) to our customers in 3-4 working days.


Elmatit Kft.’s new building is located North-Budapest, nearby the ring-road of M0, in district XV., Mélyfúró street 2/c. Our 3 floor, own modern building includes 500 m2 office, and over 1000 m2 warehouse, production and communal places. On court we have parking and loadong places to our customers.