Welcome to the world of tape!

Our wholesaler company was founded in 1989 with several decades of practice in external trades. By virtue of our bussiness philosophy the main points of our pursuit:
  • Competence
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility

The aim of Elmatit Kft. is that to always make its bussiness activity accordingly to its customers needs on high level, which is an expectation from our suppliers also.
Our international suppliers are such world-wide known companies that its products are correspond to ISO 9001 regulation and at all-time represents the highest technological level. Toward to service our customers on the highest level, our company, uniquely between import wholesaler companies, gots the ISO 9001 qualification foremost.

Our company has respect seeded for continouos developments and trainings, which materializes by the EU partnership assistance and the National Development Plan humane fund-Developing operative Program joint tenders.